Commit f6db4734 authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(gdb-current-context-command): Move the

space ...
(gdb-gud-context-call): ... to here for pre GDB 7.0 when there is
no "--thread" option.
(gdb-stopped): Don't print "Switched to thread" message when it is
parent ed17efec
......@@ -579,9 +579,8 @@ CMD1 and CMD2. NOALL is the same as in `gdb-gud-context-command'.
NOARG must be t when this macro is used outside `gud-def'"
(gdb-gud-context-command ,cmd1 ,noall)
,cmd2) ,(when (not noarg) 'arg)))
(concat (gdb-gud-context-command ,cmd1 ,noall) " " ,cmd2)
,(when (not noarg) 'arg)))
(defun gdb (command-line)
......@@ -1609,7 +1608,7 @@ then no --frame option is added."
;; gdb-frame-number may be nil while gdb-thread-number is non-nil
;; (when current thread is running)
(if gdb-thread-number
(concat command " --thread " gdb-thread-number " ")
(concat command " --thread " gdb-thread-number)
(defun gdb-current-context-buffer-name (name)
......@@ -1921,9 +1920,9 @@ current thread and update GDB buffers."
;; reasons
(if (or (eq gdb-switch-reasons t)
(member reason gdb-switch-reasons))
(gdb-setq-thread-number thread-id)
(message (concat "Switched to thread " thread-id)))
(when (not (string-equal gdb-thread-number thread-id))
(message (concat "Switched to thread " thread-id))
(gdb-setq-thread-number thread-id))
(message (format "Thread %s stopped" thread-id)))))
;; Print "(gdb)" to GUD console
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