Commit f6e8adea authored by David J. MacKenzie's avatar David J. MacKenzie
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Make sure CDPATH doesn't mess up PWD check.

Check whether X bitmaps are in X11/bitmaps instead of bitmaps.
Use fmod instead of logb in -lm check.
parent c7f93f28
......@@ -65,6 +65,8 @@ case "${srcdir}" in
. )
## We may be able to use the $PWD environment variable to make this
## absolute. But sometimes PWD is inaccurate.
## Make sure CDPATH doesn't affect cd (in case PWD is relative).
if test "${PWD}" != "" && test "`(cd ${PWD} ; sh -c pwd)`" = "`pwd`" ;
......@@ -939,6 +941,8 @@ fi
if test x"${x_includes}" = x; then
elif test -d "${x_includes}/X11/bitmaps"; then
......@@ -1152,8 +1156,11 @@ AC_TRY_LINK([#include <netdb.h>],
# logb and frexp are found in -lm on most systems.
AC_CHECK_LIB(m, logb)
# fmod, logb, and frexp are found in -lm on most systems.
# On HPUX 9.01, -lm does not contain logb, so check for fmod.
# If some other system has -lm with logb and/or frexp but not fmod,
# we will have to try yet again...
AC_CHECK_LIB(m, fmod)
AC_CHECK_FUNCS(gettimeofday gethostname dup2 rename closedir mkdir rmdir \
random lrand48 bcopy bcmp logb frexp fmod drem ftime res_init setsid \
strerror fpathconf select mktime eaccess getpagesize)
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