Commit f6f844ab authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(image-type): Use image-type-from-file-name (from trunk

2007-05-21  Chong Yidong  <>).
parent 27694220
2008-01-14 Jason Rumney <>
* image.el (image-type): Use image-type-from-file-name (from trunk
2007-05-21 Chong Yidong <>).
2008-01-12 Glenn Morris <>
* woman.el (woman-parse-numeric-arg): Change handling of `==':
......@@ -313,22 +313,14 @@ use its file extension as image type.
Optional DATA-P non-nil means FILE-OR-DATA is a string containing image data."
(when (and (not data-p) (not (stringp file-or-data)))
(error "Invalid image file name `%s'" file-or-data))
(cond ((null data-p)
;; FILE-OR-DATA is a file name.
(unless (or type
(setq type (image-type-from-file-header file-or-data)))
(let ((extension (file-name-extension file-or-data)))
(unless extension
(error "Cannot determine image type"))
(setq type (intern extension)))))
;; FILE-OR-DATA contains image data.
(unless type
(setq type (image-type-from-data file-or-data)))))
(unless type
(error "Cannot determine image type"))
(unless (symbolp type)
(error "Invalid image type `%s'" type))
(setq type (if data-p
(image-type-from-data file-or-data)
(or (image-type-from-file-header file-or-data)
(image-type-from-file-name file-or-data))))
(or type(error "Cannot determine image type")))
(or (memq type (and (boundp 'image-types) image-types))
(error "Invalid image type `%s'" type))
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