Commit f708cb22 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Clarify doc string of 'transpose-sexps'

* lisp/simple.el (transpose-sexps): Clarify the conditions for
transposing sexps that are lists or strings.  Mention the effect
of the prefix argument.  (Bug#24860)
parent cd05b1db
......@@ -6663,9 +6663,13 @@ are interchanged."
(transpose-subr 'forward-word arg))
(defun transpose-sexps (arg)
"Like \\[transpose-words] but applies to sexps.
Does not work on a sexp that point is in the middle of
if it is a list or string."
"Like \\[transpose-chars] (`transpose-chars'), but applies to sexps.
Unlike `transpose-words', point must be between the two sexps and not
in the middle of a sexp to be transposed.
With non-zero prefix arg ARG, effect is to take the sexp before point
and drag it forward past ARG other sexps (backward if ARG is negative).
If ARG is zero, the sexps ending at or after point and at or after mark
are interchanged."
(interactive "*p")
(lambda (arg)
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