Commit f73754c9 authored by John Anthony's avatar John Anthony Committed by Glenn Morris
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* lisp/progmodes/ruby-mode.el (ruby-mode-menu): Add a menu

Fixes: debbugs:15600
parent a0be396a
2013-10-25 John Anthony <>
* progmodes/inf-lisp.el (inferior-lisp-menu): Add menu. (Bug#15599)
* progmodes/ruby-mode.el (ruby-mode-menu): Add a menu. (Bug#15600)
* progmodes/inf-lisp.el (inferior-lisp-menu): Add a menu. (Bug#15599)
2013-10-25 Glenn Morris <>
......@@ -160,6 +160,22 @@ This should only be called after matching against `ruby-here-doc-beg-re'."
"Keymap used in Ruby mode.")
"Ruby Mode Menu"
["Beginning Of Block" ruby-beginning-of-block t]
["End Of Block" ruby-end-of-block t]
["Toggle Block" ruby-toggle-block t]
["Backward Sexp" ruby-backward-sexp
:active (not ruby-use-smie)]
["Forward Sexp" ruby-forward-sexp
:active (not ruby-use-smie)]
["Indent Sexp" ruby-indent-sexp
:active (not ruby-use-smie)]))
(defvar ruby-mode-syntax-table
(let ((table (make-syntax-table)))
(modify-syntax-entry ?\' "\"" table)
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