Commit f7438fc8 authored by Ulf Jasper's avatar Ulf Jasper
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newsticker: fix bug#57045

* lisp/net/newst-treeview.el
(newsticker--treeview-list-items-with-age) (newsticker-treeview-update):
Fix issues with changing sort order in virtual feed 'all' (Bug#57045).
parent a2ecf735
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......@@ -361,7 +361,8 @@ AGES is the list of ages that are to be shown."
(mapc (lambda (feed)
(let ((feed-name-symbol (intern (car feed))))
(mapc (lambda (item)
(when (memq (newsticker--age item) ages)
(when (or (memq 'all ages)
(memq (newsticker--age item) ages))
item feed-name-symbol t)))
......@@ -1218,11 +1219,11 @@ Note: does not update the layout."
(newsticker--treeview-list-update t)
(cond (newsticker--treeview-current-feed
(newsticker--treeview-list-items newsticker--treeview-current-feed))
(cond (newsticker--treeview-current-vfeed
(intern newsticker--treeview-current-vfeed))))
(intern newsticker--treeview-current-vfeed)))
(newsticker--treeview-list-items newsticker--treeview-current-feed)))
(let ((cur-feed (or newsticker--treeview-current-feed
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