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(struct mac_output): Move members left_pos, top_pos,

border_width, pixel_height, pixel_width, line_height,
internal_border_width, vertical_scroll_bar_extra,
left_fringe_width, right_fringe_width, fringe_cols,
fringes_extra, win_gravity, size_hint_flags, want_fullscreen,
x_pixels_diff, y_pixels_diff to struct frame (frame.h).
frame.h and renamed [see frame.h changes].
and renamed [see frame.h changes].
parent f1a83aab
......@@ -297,29 +297,11 @@ struct mac_output {
int size_computed_faces;
/* Position of the Mac window (x and y offsets in global coordinates). */
int left_pos;
int top_pos;
/* Border width of the W32 window as known by the window system. */
int border_width;
/* Size of the W32 window in pixels. */
int pixel_height, pixel_width;
/* Height of a line, in pixels. */
int line_height;
/* Here are the Graphics Contexts for the default font. */
GC normal_gc; /* Normal video */
GC reverse_gc; /* Reverse video */
GC cursor_gc; /* cursor drawing */
/* Width of the internal border. This is a line of background color
just inside the window's border. When the frame is selected,
a highlighting is displayed inside the internal border. */
int internal_border_width;
/* The window used for this frame.
May be zero while the frame object is being created
and the window has not yet been created. */
......@@ -381,22 +363,6 @@ struct mac_output {
DWORD dwStyle;
/* The size of the extra width currently allotted for vertical
scroll bars, in pixels. */
int vertical_scroll_bar_extra;
/* The extra width currently allotted for the areas in which
truncation marks, continuation marks, and overlay arrows are
displayed. */
int left_fringe_width, right_fringe_width;
int fringe_cols, fringes_extra;
/* This is the gravity value for the specified window position. */
int win_gravity;
/* The geometry flags for this window. */
int size_hint_flags;
/* This is the Emacs structure for the display this frame is on. */
/* struct w32_display_info *display_info; */
......@@ -429,17 +395,6 @@ struct mac_output {
/* The background for which the above relief GCs were set up.
They are changed only when a different background is involved. */
unsigned long relief_background;
/* See enum below */
int want_fullscreen;
/* This many pixels are the difference between the outer window (i.e. the
left of the window manager decoration) and FRAME_X_WINDOW. */
int x_pixels_diff;
/* This many pixels are the difference between the outer window (i.e. the
top of the window manager titlebar) and FRAME_X_WINDOW. */
int y_pixels_diff;
typedef struct mac_output mac_output;
......@@ -457,13 +412,6 @@ typedef struct mac_output mac_output;
#define FRAME_FONT(f) ((f)->output_data.mac->font)
#define FRAME_FONTSET(f) ((f)->output_data.mac->fontset)
#define FRAME_LINE_HEIGHT(f) ((f)->output_data.mac->line_height)
/* Width of the default font of frame F. Must be defined by each
terminal specific header. */
#define FRAME_BASELINE_OFFSET(f) ((f)->output_data.mac->baseline_offset)
/* This gives the w32_display_info structure for the display F is on. */
......@@ -477,10 +425,6 @@ typedef struct mac_output mac_output;
/* This is the 'font_info *' which frame F has. */
#define FRAME_MAC_FONT_TABLE(f) (FRAME_MAC_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->font_table)
/* These two really ought to be called FRAME_PIXEL_{WIDTH,HEIGHT}. */
#define PIXEL_WIDTH(f) ((f)->output_data.mac->pixel_width)
#define PIXEL_HEIGHT(f) ((f)->output_data.mac->pixel_height)
/* Value is the smallest width of any character in any font on frame F. */
......@@ -495,25 +439,6 @@ typedef struct mac_output mac_output;
/* Total width of fringes reserved for drawing truncation bitmaps,
continuation bitmaps and alike. The width is in canonical char
units of the frame. This must currently be the case because window
sizes aren't pixel values. If it weren't the case, we wouldn't be
able to split windows horizontally nicely. */
#define FRAME_X_FRINGE_COLS(F) ((F)->output_data.mac->fringe_cols)
/* Total width of fringes in pixels. */
#define FRAME_X_FRINGE_WIDTH(F) ((F)->output_data.mac->fringes_extra)
/* Pixel-width of the left and right fringe. */
#define FRAME_X_LEFT_FRINGE_WIDTH(F) ((F)->output_data.mac->left_fringe_width)
#define FRAME_X_RIGHT_FRINGE_WIDTH(F) ((F)->output_data.mac->right_fringe_width)
/* Mac-specific scroll bar stuff. */
......@@ -647,51 +572,6 @@ struct scroll_bar {
text from glomming up against the scroll bar */
/* Manipulating pixel sizes and character sizes.
Knowledge of which factors affect the overall size of the window should
be hidden in these macros, if that's possible.
Return the upper/left pixel position of the character cell on frame F
at ROW/COL. */
#define CHAR_TO_PIXEL_ROW(f, row) \
((f)->output_data.mac->internal_border_width \
+ (row) * (f)->output_data.mac->line_height)
#define CHAR_TO_PIXEL_COL(f, col) \
((f)->output_data.mac->internal_border_width \
+ (col) * FONT_WIDTH ((f)->output_data.mac->font))
/* Return the pixel width/height of frame F if it has
WIDTH columns/HEIGHT rows. */
#define CHAR_TO_PIXEL_WIDTH(f, width) \
(CHAR_TO_PIXEL_COL (f, width) \
+ (f)->output_data.mac->vertical_scroll_bar_extra \
+ (f)->output_data.mac->fringes_extra \
+ (f)->output_data.mac->internal_border_width)
#define CHAR_TO_PIXEL_HEIGHT(f, height) \
(CHAR_TO_PIXEL_ROW (f, height) \
+ (f)->output_data.mac->internal_border_width)
/* Return the row/column (zero-based) of the character cell containing
the pixel on FRAME at ROW/COL. */
#define PIXEL_TO_CHAR_ROW(f, row) \
(((row) - (f)->output_data.mac->internal_border_width) \
/ (f)->output_data.mac->line_height)
#define PIXEL_TO_CHAR_COL(f, col) \
(((col) - (f)->output_data.mac->internal_border_width) \
/ FONT_WIDTH ((f)->output_data.mac->font))
/* How many columns/rows of text can we fit in WIDTH/HEIGHT pixels on
frame F? */
#define PIXEL_TO_CHAR_WIDTH(f, width) \
(PIXEL_TO_CHAR_COL (f, ((width) \
- (f)->output_data.mac->internal_border_width \
- (f)->output_data.mac->fringes_extra \
- (f)->output_data.mac->vertical_scroll_bar_extra)))
#define PIXEL_TO_CHAR_HEIGHT(f, height) \
(PIXEL_TO_CHAR_ROW (f, ((height) \
- (f)->output_data.mac->internal_border_width)))
struct frame * check_x_frame (Lisp_Object);
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