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* admin/notes/years: Small updates.

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......@@ -6,6 +6,14 @@ rolls around, add that year to every FSF (and AIST) copyright notice.
There's no need to worry about whether an individual file has changed
in a given year - it's sufficient that Emacs as a whole has changed.
Therefore the years are updated en-masse near the start of each year,
so basically there is no need for most people to do any updating of them.
The current (in 2011) version of "Information for Maintainers of GNU
Software" (see that document for more details) says that it is OK to use
ranges in copyright years, so in early 2011 the years were changed to use
ranges, which occupy less space and do not grow in length every year.
For more detailed information on maintaining copyright, see the file
"copyright" in this directory.
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