Commit f77b6525 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(diary-list-entries): Prevent infloop when diary does not end in a

newline.  Do not assume a blank line at the start of the diary file.
parent 3e99f6ee
......@@ -439,10 +439,20 @@ If LIST-ONLY is non-nil don't modify or display the buffer, only return a list."
date-start temp)
(re-search-backward "\^M\\|\n\\|\\`")
(setq date-start (point))
(re-search-forward "\^M\\|\n" nil t 2)
;; When selective display (rather than
;; overlays) was used, diary file used to
;; start in a blank line and end in a
;; newline. Now that neither of these
;; need be true, 'move handles the latter
;; and 1/2 kludge the former.
"\^M\\|\n" nil 'move
(if (and (bobp) (not (looking-at "\^M\\|\n")))
(while (looking-at " \\|\^I")
(re-search-forward "\^M\\|\n" nil t))
(backward-char 1)
(re-search-forward "\^M\\|\n" nil 'move))
(unless (eobp) (backward-char 1))
(unless list-only
(remove-overlays date-start (point)
'invisible 'diary))
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