Commit f77e4514 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm

Linux kernel 2.6.10 may corrupt process output.

Warn that using CVS+SSH may corrupt files, include work-around.
parent 4a29de23
......@@ -1579,6 +1579,24 @@ global-font-lock-mode RET" or by customizing the variable
** GNU/Linux
*** GNU/Linux: Process output is corrupted.
There is a bug in Linux kernel 2.6.10 PTYs that can cause emacs to
read corrupted process output.
*** GNU/Linux: Remote access to CVS with SSH causes file corruption.
If you access a remote CVS repository via SSH, files may be corrupted
due to bad interaction between CVS, SSH, and libc.
To fix the problem, save the following script into a file, make it
executable, and set CVS_RSH environment variable to the file name of
the script:
exec 2> >(exec cat >&2 2>/dev/null)
exec ssh "$@"
*** GNU/Linux: On Linux-based GNU systems using libc versions 5.4.19 through
5.4.22, Emacs crashes at startup with a segmentation fault.
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