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(Fwrite_region): Doc fix.

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......@@ -4269,9 +4269,12 @@ If VISIT is neither t nor nil nor a string,\n\
that means do not print the \"Wrote file\" message.\n\
The optional sixth arg LOCKNAME, if non-nil, specifies the name to\n\
use for locking and unlocking, overriding FILENAME and VISIT.\n\
The optional seventh arg CONFIRM, if non-nil, says ask for confirmation\n\
before overwriting an existing file and if equal to `excl', specifies\n\
that an error should be raised if the file already exists.\n\
The optional seventh arg MUSTBENEW, if non-nil, insists on a check\n\
for an existing file with the same name. If MUSTBENEW is `excl',\n\
that means to get an error if the file already exists; never overwrite.\n\
If MUSTBENEW is neither nil nor `excl', that means ask for\n\
confirmation before overwriting, but do go ahead and overwrite the file\n\
if the user confirms.\n\
Kludgy feature: if START is a string, then that string is written\n\
to the file, instead of any buffer contents, and END is ignored.\n\
......@@ -4280,8 +4283,8 @@ This does code conversion according to the value of\n\
`file-coding-system-alist', and sets the variable\n\
`last-coding-system-used' to the coding system actually used.")
(start, end, filename, append, visit, lockname, confirm)
Lisp_Object start, end, filename, append, visit, lockname, confirm;
(start, end, filename, append, visit, lockname, mustbenew)
Lisp_Object start, end, filename, append, visit, lockname, mustbenew;
register int desc;
int failure;
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