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* doc/lispref/keymaps.texi (Tool Bar): Mention separators.

* etc/NEWS: Related markup.
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2012-02-06 Glenn Morris <>
* keymaps.texi (Tool Bar): Mention separators.
* modes.texi (Running Hooks): Mention run-hook-wrapped.
* control.texi (Handling Errors):
......@@ -2658,6 +2658,15 @@ The @code{:rtl} property specifies an alternative image to use for
right-to-left languages. Only the Gtk+ version of Emacs supports this
at present.
Like the menu bar, the tool bar can display separators (@pxref{Menu
Separators}). Tool bar separators are vertical rather than
horizontal, though, and only a single style is supported. Separators
are represented in the tool bar keymap in the same way as for the
menu-bar, i.e. using a @code{(menu-item "--"}) entry. The Gtk+ and
Nextstep tool bars render separators natively, otherwise Emacs selects
a separator image that is appropriate for the display. Note that tool
bar separators do not support any properties, such as @code{:visible}.
The default tool bar is defined so that items specific to editing do not
appear for major modes whose command symbol has a @code{mode-class}
property of @code{special} (@pxref{Major Mode Conventions}). Major
......@@ -1335,6 +1335,7 @@ argument is supplied (see Trash changes, above).
or RGB triplet, instead of signaling an error if the user provides
invalid input.
** Tool-bars can display separators.
Tool-bar separators are handled like menu separators in menu-bar maps,
i.e. via menu entries of the form `(menu-item "--")'.
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