Commit f817c0fb authored by Luc Teirlinck's avatar Luc Teirlinck
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(dired-insert-old-subdirs): Adapt to fact that the R switch is no

longer stored in `dired-switches-alist'.
parent 081e4397
......@@ -970,14 +970,7 @@ Do so according to the former subdir alist OLD-SUBDIR-ALIST."
(condition-case ()
(dired-uncache dir)
(dired-insert-subdir dir)
(let ((switches (cdr (assoc-string dir dired-switches-alist))))
(and switches
(string-match "R" switches)
(dolist (cur-ass (copy-sequence old-subdir-alist))
(when (dired-in-this-tree (car cur-ass) dir)
(setq old-subdir-alist
(delete cur-ass old-subdir-alist)))))))
(dired-insert-subdir dir))
(error nil))))))
(defun dired-uncache (dir)
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