Commit f8240bf8 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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Remove unnecessary extern declarations.

(x_fullscreen_adjust): Remove. Use generic instead.
(x_redisplay_interface): Add x_frame_parm_handlers member.
parent 7c0d3ed8
......@@ -297,7 +297,6 @@ static Lisp_Object Qvendor_specific_keysyms;
static Lisp_Object Qlatin_1, Qutf_8;
extern XrmDatabase x_load_resources P_ ((Display *, char *, char *, char *));
extern Lisp_Object x_icon_type P_ ((struct frame *));
static int x_alloc_nearest_color_1 P_ ((Display *, Colormap, XColor *));
......@@ -8391,53 +8390,6 @@ x_check_fullscreen_move (f)
/* Calculate fullscreen size. Return in *TOP_POS and *LEFT_POS the
wanted positions of the WM window (not emacs window).
Return in *WIDTH and *HEIGHT the wanted width and height of Emacs
window (FRAME_X_WINDOW).
x_fullscreen_adjust (f, width, height, top_pos, left_pos)
struct frame *f;
int *width;
int *height;
int *top_pos;
int *left_pos;
int newwidth = f->width, newheight = f->height;
*top_pos = f->output_data.x->top_pos;
*left_pos = f->output_data.x->left_pos;
if (f->output_data.x->want_fullscreen & FULLSCREEN_HEIGHT)
int ph;
ph = FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->height;
newheight = PIXEL_TO_CHAR_HEIGHT (f, ph);
ph = CHAR_TO_PIXEL_HEIGHT (f, newheight)
- f->output_data.x->y_pixels_diff;
newheight = PIXEL_TO_CHAR_HEIGHT (f, ph);
*top_pos = 0;
if (f->output_data.x->want_fullscreen & FULLSCREEN_WIDTH)
int pw;
pw = FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->width;
newwidth = PIXEL_TO_CHAR_WIDTH (f, pw);
pw = CHAR_TO_PIXEL_WIDTH (f, newwidth)
- f->output_data.x->x_pixels_diff;
newwidth = PIXEL_TO_CHAR_WIDTH (f, pw);
*left_pos = 0;
*width = newwidth;
*height = newheight;
/* Change the size of frame F's X window to COLS/ROWS in the case F
doesn't have a widget. If CHANGE_GRAVITY is 1, we change to
top-left-corner window gravity for this size change and subsequent
......@@ -10679,8 +10631,11 @@ x_process_timeouts (timer)
/* Set up use of X before we make the first connection. */
extern frame_parm_handler x_frame_parm_handlers[];
static struct redisplay_interface x_redisplay_interface =
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