Commit f82423d7 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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(setup_coding_system): Properly check for nil.

parent 28ae27ae
......@@ -3050,10 +3050,10 @@ setup_coding_system (coding_system, coding)
if (CONSP (val)
&& SYMBOLP (XCONS (val)->car)
&& !NILP (decoder = Fget (XCONS (val)->car, Qccl_program_idx))
&& (decoder = Fcdr (Faref (Vccl_program_table, decoder)))
&& !NILP (decoder = Fcdr (Faref (Vccl_program_table, decoder)))
&& SYMBOLP (XCONS (val)->cdr)
&& !NILP (encoder = Fget (XCONS (val)->cdr, Qccl_program_idx))
&& (encoder = Fcdr (Faref (Vccl_program_table, encoder))))
&& !NILP (encoder = Fcdr (Faref (Vccl_program_table, encoder))))
setup_ccl_program (&(coding->spec.ccl.decoder), decoder);
setup_ccl_program (&(coding->spec.ccl.encoder), encoder);
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