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(define-obsolete-variable-alias): Doc fix.

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......@@ -161,6 +161,15 @@ is equivalent to the following two lines of code:
\(defvaralias 'old-var 'new-var \"old-var's doc.\")
\(make-obsolete-variable 'old-var 'new-var \"22.1\")
If CURRENT-NAME is a defcustom (more generally, any variable
where OBSOLETE-NAME may be set, e.g. in a .emacs file, before the
alias is defined), then the define-obsolete-variable-alias
statement should be placed before the defcustom. This is so that
any user customizations are applied before the defcustom tries to
initialize the variable (this is due to the way `defvaralias' works).
Exceptions to this rule occur for define-obsolete-variable-alias
statements that are autoloaded, or in files dumped with Emacs.
See the docstrings of `defvaralias' and `make-obsolete-variable' or
Info node `(elisp)Variable Aliases' for more details."
(declare (doc-string 4))
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