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2001-10-12 Stefan Monnier <>
* progmodes/cperl-mode.el: Merged in changes from v4.32.
After 4.23 and: After 4.24:
(cperl-contract-levels): Restore position.
(cperl-beautify-level): Likewise.
(cperl-beautify-regexp): Likewise.
(cperl-commentify): Rudimental support for length=1 runs
(cperl-find-pods-heres): Process 1-char long REx comments too /a#/x
After 4.25:
(cperl-commentify): Was recognizing length=2 "strings" as length=1.
(imenu-example--create-perl-index): Was not enforcing
(cperl-invert-if-unless): Allow `for', `foreach'.
(cperl-find-pods-heres): Quote `cperl-nonoverridable-face'.
Mark qw(), m()x as indentable.
(cperl-init-faces): Highlight `sysopen' too.
Highlight $var in `for my $var' too.
(cperl-invert-if-unless): Was leaving whitespace at end.
(cperl-linefeed): Was splitting $var{$foo} if point after `{'.
(cperl-calculate-indent): Remove old commented out code.
Support (primitive) indentation of qw(), m()x.
After 4.26:
(cperl-problems): Mention `fill-paragraph' on comment. \"" and
q [] with intervening newlines.
(cperl-autoindent-on-semi): New customization variable.
(cperl-electric-semi): Use `cperl-autoindent-on-semi'.
(cperl-tips): Mention how to make CPerl the default mode.
(cperl-mode): Support `outline-minor-mode'. From Mark A. Hershberger.
(cperl-outline-level): New function.
(cperl-highlight-variables-indiscriminately): New customization var.
(cperl-init-faces): Use `cperl-highlight-variables-indiscriminately'.
From Sean Kamath <>.
(cperl-after-block-p): Support CHECK and INIT.
(cperl-init-faces, cperl-short-docs): Likewise and "our".
From Doug MacEachern <>.
After 4.27:
(cperl-find-pods-heres): Recognize \"" as a string.
Mark whitespace between q and [] as `syntax-type' => `prestring'.
Allow whitespace between << and "FOO".
(cperl-problems): Remove \"" and q [] with intervening newlines.
Mention multiple <<EOF as unsupported.
(cperl-highlight-variables-indiscriminately): Doc misprint fixed.
(cperl-indent-parens-as-block): New configuration variable.
(cperl-calculate-indent): Merge cases of indenting non-BLOCK groups.
Use `cperl-indent-parens-as-block'.
(cperl-find-pods-heres): Test for =cut without empty line instead of
complaining about no =cut.
(cperl-electric-pod): Change the REx for POD from "\n\n=" to "^\n=".
(cperl-find-pods-heres): Likewise.
(cperl-electric-pod): Change `forward-sexp' to `forward-word':
POD could've been marked as comment already.
(cperl-unwind-to-safe): Unwind before start of POD too.
After 4.28:
(cperl-forward-re): Throw an error at proper moment REx unfinished.
After 4.29:
(x-color-defined-p): Make an extra case to peacify the warning.
Toplevel: `defvar' to peacify the warnings.
(cperl-find-pods-heres): Could access `font-lock-comment-face' in -nw.
No -nw-compile time warnings now.
(cperl-find-tags): TAGS file had too short substring-to-search.
Be less verbose in non-interactive mode
(imenu-example--create-perl-index): Set index-marker after name
(cperl-outline-regexp): New variable.
(cperl-outline-level): Made compatible with `cperl-outline-regexp'.
(cperl-mode): Made use `cperl-outline-regexp'.
After 4.30:
(cperl-find-pods-heres): =cut the last thing, no blank line, was error.
(cperl-outline-level): Make start-of-file same level as `package'.
After 4.31:
(cperl-electric-pod): `head1' and `over' electric only if empty.
(cperl-unreadable-ok): New variable.
(cperl-find-tags): Use `cperl-unreadable-ok', do not fail
on an unreadable file.
(cperl-write-tags): Use `cperl-unreadable-ok', do not fail
on an unreadable directory.
* progmodes/compile.el (compile-mouse-goto-error, compile-goto-error):
Consider the text between two errors as belonging to the first error.
(compilation-goto-locus): Use pop-to-buffer rather than
* progmodes/awk-mode.el (awk-mode-syntax-table): / has string syntax.
(awk-font-lock-syntactic-keywords): New var.
(awk-mode): Use it.
* expand.el (expand-c-for-skeleton): Add explicit terminating \n.
* faces.el (describe-face): Call help-setup-xref earlier.
* jka-compr.el (jka-compr-load-suffixes): New var.
(jka-compr-install): Add its content to load-suffixes.
(jka-compr-uninstall): Remove its content from load-suffixes.
2001-10-12 Sam Steingold <>
* bindings.el (completion-ignored-extensions): CL-related
......@@ -8,11 +102,10 @@
2001-10-12 Gerd Moellmann <>
* emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (byte-compile-check-lambda-list): New
function checking that lambda-list consists of non-constant
* emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (byte-compile-check-lambda-list):
New function checking that lambda-list consists of non-constant
symbols, that &rest and &optional are followed by variable names,
that &rest VAR is the last element, and that variables aren't
that &rest VAR is the last element, and that variables aren't doubled.
(byte-compile-lambda): Use it.
2001-10-12 Eli Barzilay <>
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