Commit f8acde11 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* doc/emacs/text.texi (HTML Mode): Remove deleted nxml C-RET binding.

parent 2812660a
2013-01-05 Glenn Morris <>
* text.texi (HTML Mode): Remove deleted nxml C-RET binding.
2012-12-21 Glenn Morris <>
* emacs-xtra.texi (copying): The FSF does not sell copies of this.
......@@ -1917,7 +1917,7 @@ used as a cheap preview (@code{sgml-tags-invisible}).
The major mode for editing XML documents is called nXML mode. This
is a powerful major mode that can recognize many existing XML schema
and use them to provide completion of XML elements via
@kbd{C-@key{RET}} or @kbd{M-@key{TAB}}, as well as ``on-the-fly'' XML
@kbd{M-@key{TAB}}, as well as ``on-the-fly'' XML
validation with error highlighting. To enable nXML mode in an
existing buffer, type @kbd{M-x nxml-mode}, or, equivalently, @kbd{M-x
xml-mode}. Emacs uses nXML mode for files which have the extension
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