Commit f8b38495 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(cua--init-global-mark): Install default

binding in cua--global-mark-keymap using cua--self-insert-char-p
to handle all global self inserting characters in gmark mode.
parent 20023b9c
......@@ -377,6 +377,11 @@ With prefix argument, don't jump to global mark when cancelling it."
(define-key cua--global-mark-keymap [remap backward-delete-char-untabify] 'cua-delete-backward-char-at-global-mark)
(define-key cua--global-mark-keymap [remap self-insert-command] 'cua-insert-char-at-global-mark)
(define-key cua--global-mark-keymap [remap self-insert-iso] 'cua-insert-char-at-global-mark)
;; Catch self-inserting characters which are "stolen" by other modes
(define-key cua--global-mark-keymap [t]
'(menu-item "sic" cua-insert-char-at-global-mark :filter cua--self-insert-char-p))
(define-key cua--global-mark-keymap [remap newline] 'cua-insert-newline-at-global-mark)
(define-key cua--global-mark-keymap [remap newline-and-indent] 'cua-insert-newline-at-global-mark)
(define-key cua--global-mark-keymap "\r" 'cua-insert-newline-at-global-mark)
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