Commit f8b7331d authored by Karl Fogel's avatar Karl Fogel
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* lisp/ChangeLog: Put main author of change in the ChangeLog entry

  header; rewrite entry accordingly.
parent eac3f1eb
......@@ -11,13 +11,15 @@
* makefile.w32-in (install-lisp-SH, install-lisp-CMD): New targets.
(install): Use them to copy all *.el files before *.elc.
2007-07-13 Karl Fogel <>
2007-07-13 Drew Adams <>
* bookmark.el (bookmark-jump-other-window): New function.
(bookmark-map): Bind it to "o".
Patch by Drew Adams <drew.adams{_AT_}>. See
and its thread contains discussion about this change. The
original patch was slightly tweaked by Karl Fogel
<> before committing.
2007-07-13 Karl Fogel <>
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