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* admin/release-process: Rename from admin/FOR-RELEASE.

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...@@ -88,13 +88,13 @@ csplain -output-format=pdf cs-refcard ...@@ -88,13 +88,13 @@ csplain -output-format=pdf cs-refcard
Emacs 22 translators: Emacs 22 translators:
LANG Translator Status LANG Translator Status
cs Pavel Janík cs Pavel Janík
de Sven Joachim de Sven Joachim
fr Eric Jacoboni fr Eric Jacoboni
pl Włodek Bzyl pl Włodek Bzyl
pt-br Rodrigo Real pt-br Rodrigo Real
ru Alex Ott ru Alex Ott
sk Miroslav Vaško sk Miroslav Vaško
** For a major release, add a "New in Emacs XX" section to faq.texi. ** For a major release, add a "New in Emacs XX" section to faq.texi.
...@@ -148,132 +148,132 @@ SECTION READERS ...@@ -148,132 +148,132 @@ SECTION READERS
TUTORIAL cyd TUTORIAL cyd ogi ogi xfq xfq
TUTORIAL.he eliz TUTORIAL.he eliz
TUTORIAL.ko TUTORIAL.ko Pieter Schoenmakers Pieter Schoenmakers
TUTORIAL.pt_BR TUTORIAL.pt_BR Alex Ott Alex Ott Primoz PETERLIN Primoz PETERLIN Mats Lidell Mats Lidell
** Check the manual. ** Check the manual.
abbrevs.texi abbrevs.texi
ack.texi ack.texi
anti.texi anti.texi
arevert-xtra.texi arevert-xtra.texi
basic.texi basic.texi
buffers.texi buffers.texi
building.texi building.texi
calendar.texi calendar.texi
cal-xtra.texi cal-xtra.texi
cmdargs.texi cmdargs.texi
commands.texi commands.texi
custom.texi custom.texi
dired.texi dired.texi
dired-xtra.texi dired-xtra.texi
display.texi display.texi
emacs.texi emacs.texi
emacs-xtra.texi emacs-xtra.texi
emerge-xtra.texi emerge-xtra.texi
entering.texi entering.texi
files.texi files.texi
fixit.texi fixit.texi
fortran-xtra.texi fortran-xtra.texi
frames.texi frames.texi
glossary.texi glossary.texi
help.texi help.texi
indent.texi indent.texi
killing.texi killing.texi
kmacro.texi kmacro.texi
macos.texi macos.texi
maintaining.texi maintaining.texi
mark.texi mark.texi
mini.texi mini.texi
misc.texi misc.texi
modes.texi modes.texi
msdos.texi msdos.texi
msdos-xtra.texi msdos-xtra.texi
mule.texi mule.texi
m-x.texi m-x.texi
package.texi package.texi
picture-xtra.texi picture-xtra.texi
programs.texi programs.texi
regs.texi regs.texi
rmail.texi rmail.texi
screen.texi screen.texi
search.texi search.texi
sending.texi sending.texi
text.texi text.texi
trouble.texi trouble.texi
vc-xtra.texi vc-xtra.texi
vc1-xtra.texi vc1-xtra.texi
windows.texi windows.texi
xresources.texi xresources.texi
** Check the Lisp manual. ** Check the Lisp manual.
abbrevs.texi abbrevs.texi
anti.texi anti.texi
back.texi back.texi
backups.texi backups.texi
buffers.texi buffers.texi
commands.texi commands.texi
compile.texi compile.texi
control.texi control.texi
customize.texi customize.texi
debugging.texi debugging.texi
display.texi display.texi
edebug.texi edebug.texi
elisp.texi elisp.texi
errors.texi errors.texi
eval.texi eval.texi
files.texi files.texi
frames.texi frames.texi
functions.texi functions.texi
hash.texi hash.texi
help.texi help.texi
hooks.texi hooks.texi
index.texi index.texi
internals.texi internals.texi
intro.texi intro.texi
keymaps.texi keymaps.texi
lists.texi lists.texi
loading.texi loading.texi
macros.texi macros.texi
maps.texi maps.texi
markers.texi markers.texi
minibuf.texi minibuf.texi
modes.texi modes.texi
nonascii.texi nonascii.texi
numbers.texi Paul Eggert (24.4) numbers.texi Paul Eggert (24.4)
objects.texi objects.texi
os.texi os.texi
package.texi package.texi
positions.texi positions.texi
processes.texi processes.texi
searching.texi searching.texi
sequences.texi sequences.texi
streams.texi streams.texi
strings.texi strings.texi
symbols.texi symbols.texi
syntax.texi syntax.texi
text.texi text.texi
tips.texi tips.texi
variables.texi variables.texi
windows.texi windows.texi
Local variables: Local variables:
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