Commit f8d106b0 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(PC-do-complete-and-exit): Synch to 2008-11-24 change to

minibuffer.el; recognize `confirm' and `confirm-after-completion'
values for minibuffer-completion-confirm.
parent 8ce9231f
......@@ -330,13 +330,22 @@ See `PC-complete' for details."
((= (point-max) (minibuffer-prompt-end))
;; Duplicate the "bug" that Info-menu relies on...
((eq minibuffer-completion-confirm 'confirm-only)
((eq minibuffer-completion-confirm 'confirm)
(if (or (eq last-command this-command)
(test-completion (field-string)
(PC-temp-minibuffer-message " [Confirm]")))
((eq minibuffer-completion-confirm 'confirm-after-completion)
;; Similar to the above, but only if trying to exit immediately
;; after typing TAB (this catches most minibuffer typos).
(if (and (memq last-command '(PC-complete minibuffer-complete))
(not (test-completion (field-string)
(PC-temp-minibuffer-message " [Confirm]")
(let ((flag (PC-do-completion 'exit)))
(and flag
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