Commit f8d83099 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* floatfns.c (Flogb): Always implement this by calling Flog, even

	on non-USG systems, which supposedly have a logb function.
	(Fround): Always implement this by calling floor, even on systems
	that have rint.

	* floatfns.c (IN_FLOAT): Make this work properly when SIGTYPE is void.
parent 0e956009
......@@ -58,11 +58,15 @@ static Lisp_Object float_error_arg;
/* Evaluate the floating point expression D, recording NUM
as the original argument for error messages.
D is normally an assignment expression.
Handle errors which may result in signals or may set errno. */
Handle errors which may result in signals or may set errno.
Note that float_error may be declared to return void, so you can't
just cast the zero after the colon to (SIGTYPE) to make the types
check properly. */
#define IN_FLOAT(D, NUM) \
(in_float = 1, errno = 0, float_error_arg = NUM, (D), \
(errno == ERANGE || errno == EDOM ? float_error () : (SIGTYPE) 0), \
(errno == ERANGE || errno == EDOM ? (float_error (),0) : 0), \
in_float = 0)
/* Extract a Lisp number as a `double', or signal an error. */
......@@ -437,17 +441,10 @@ This is the same as the exponent of a float.")
Lisp_Object num;
#ifdef USG
/* System V apparently doesn't have a `logb' function. */
/* System V apparently doesn't have a `logb' function. It might be
better to use it on systems that have it, but Ultrix (at least)
doesn't declare it properly in <math.h>; does anyone really care? */
return Flog (num, make_number (2));
Lisp_Object val;
double f = extract_float (num);
IN_FLOAT (val = logb (f), num);
XSET (val, Lisp_Int, val);
return val;
/* the rounding functions */
......@@ -487,12 +484,14 @@ DEFUN ("round", Fround, Sround, 1, 1, 0,
if (XTYPE (num) == Lisp_Float)
#ifdef USG
/* Screw the prevailing rounding mode. */
IN_FLOAT (XSET (num, Lisp_Int, floor (XFLOAT (num)->data + 0.5)), num);
IN_FLOAT (XSET (num, Lisp_Int, rint (XFLOAT (num)->data)), num);
/* It used to be that on non-USG systems we'd use the `rint'
function. But that seems not to be declared properly in
<math.h> on Ultrix, I don't want to declare it myself because
that might conflict with <math.h> on other systems, and I
don't see what's wrong with the code above anyway. */
return num;
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