Commit f8db61b2 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

(rcirc-keywords): New variable.

(rcirc-bright-nicks, rcirc-dim-nicks): New variables.
(rcirc-bright-nick-regexp, rcirc-dim-nick-regexp): Remove variables.
(rcirc-responses-no-activity): New function.
(rcirc-handler-generic): Check for responses in above.
(rcirc-process-command): Add ?: character to arguments of raw server commands.
(rcirc-format-response-string): Use `rcirc-bright-nicks' and `rcirc-dim-nicks'.
(rcirc-gray-toggle): Remove unused variable.
(rcirc-print): Remove some tracking logic, which is moved into markup functions.
(rcirc-activity-types): Was `rcirc-activity-type', now a list of types.
(rcirc-activity-string): Look for 'keyword in activity-types.
(rcirc-window-configuration-change): Don't erase overlay-arrow unnecessarily.
(rcirc-add-or-remove): New function.
(rcirc-cmd-ignore): Use it.
(rcirc-message-leader): Remove unused function.
(rcicr-cmd-bright, rcirc-cmd-dim, rcirc-cmd-keyword): New commands.
(rcirc-add-face): New function.
(rcirc-facify): Use rcirc-add-face.
(rcirc-url-regexp): Add parens.
(rcirc-map-regexp): Remove function.
(rcirc-mangle-regexp): Remove function.
(rcirc-markup-text-functions): New variable.
(rcirc-markup-text): New function (replaces `rcirc-mangle-text').
(rcirc-markup-body-text, rcirc-markup-attributes)
(rcirc-markup-my-nick, rcirc-markup-urls, rcirc-markup-keywords)
(rcirc-markup-bright-nicks): New markup handler functions.
(rcirc-nick-in-message-full-line): New face.
(rcirc-track-nick): Rename from `rcirc-mode-line-nick'.
(rcirc-track-keyword, rcirc-url, rcirc-keyword): New faces.
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