Commit f907f98b authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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* lisp/progmodes/elisp-mode.el (elisp-function-argstring): Call

substitute-command-keys to undo help--docstring-quote. (Bug#23634)
parent 1a2ffd02
......@@ -1558,7 +1558,8 @@ In the absence of INDEX, just call `eldoc-docstring-format-sym-doc'."
ARGLIST is either a string, or a list of strings or symbols."
(let ((str (cond ((stringp arglist) arglist)
((not (listp arglist)) nil)
(t (help--make-usage-docstring 'toto arglist)))))
(t (substitute-command-keys
(help--make-usage-docstring 'toto arglist))))))
(if (and str (string-match "\\`([^ )]+ ?" str))
(replace-match "(" t t str)
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