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Document Eldoc changes

* doc/emacs/programs.texi (Lisp Doc): Document Global Eldoc mode.
parent 8df2eb9d
......@@ -1234,13 +1234,16 @@ variables that you want to use. @xref{Name Help}.
@cindex Eldoc mode
@findex eldoc-mode
@findex global-eldoc-mode
Eldoc is a buffer-local minor mode that helps with looking up Lisp
documentation. When it is enabled, the echo area displays some useful
information whenever there is a Lisp function or variable at point;
for a function, it shows the argument list, and for a variable it
shows the first line of the variable's documentation string. To
toggle Eldoc mode, type @kbd{M-x eldoc-mode}. Eldoc mode can be used
with the Emacs Lisp and Lisp Interaction major modes.
toggle Eldoc mode, type @kbd{M-x eldoc-mode}. There's also a Global
Eldoc mode, which is turned on by default in buffers whose major mode
is Emacs Lisp or Lisp Interaction (@kbd{M-x global-eldoc-mode} to turn
it off).
@node Hideshow
@section Hideshow minor mode
......@@ -554,8 +554,16 @@ this you can tell Edebug not to stop at the start of the first
instrumented function.
** ElDoc
*** New minor mode `global-eldoc-mode'
It is turned on by default in `*scratch*' and other buffers whose
major mode supports Emacs Lisp.
*** `eldoc-documentation-function' now defaults to `ignore'
*** `describe-char-eldoc' displays information about character at point,
and can be used as a default value of `eldoc-documentation-function'. It is
useful when, for example, one needs to distinguish various spaces (e.g. ] [,
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