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Document that overwrite-mode is bound to INSERT and add @kindex for INSERT.

Reported by Bill Richter <>.
parent 5efe6a56
......@@ -102,8 +102,6 @@ combine it with any major mode. @xref{Outline Mode}.
@cindex Overwrite mode
@cindex mode, Overwrite
@findex overwrite-mode
@findex binary-overwrite-mode
Overwrite mode causes ordinary printing characters to replace existing
text instead of shoving it to the right. For example, if point is in
front of the @samp{B} in @samp{FOOBAR}, then in Overwrite mode typing a
......@@ -112,6 +110,14 @@ as usual. In Overwrite mode, the command @kbd{C-q} inserts the next
character whatever it may be, even if it is a digit---this gives you a
way to insert a character instead of replacing an existing character.
@findex overwrite-mode
@kindex INSERT
The command @code{overwrite-mode} is an exception to the rule that
commands which toggle minor modes are normally not bound to keys: it is
bound to the @key{INSERT} function key. This is because many other
programs bind @key{INSERT} to similar functions.
@findex binary-overwrite-mode
Binary Overwrite mode is a variant of Overwrite mode for editing
binary files; it treats newlines and tabs like other characters, so that
they overwrite other characters and can be overwritten by them.
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