Commit f937bde2 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann

(update_frame_line): Fix previous change. If writing

whole line clear to end of frame.
parent 06c24636
......@@ -4840,14 +4840,11 @@ update_frame_line (frame, vpos)
while (nlen > 0 && CHAR_GLYPH_SPACE_P (nbody[nlen - 1]))
cursor_to (vpos, 0);
if (nlen)
cursor_to (vpos, 0);
write_glyphs (nbody, nlen);
write_glyphs (nbody, nlen);
cursor_to (vpos, nlen);
clear_end_of_line (olen);
clear_end_of_line (FRAME_WINDOW_WIDTH (frame));
make_current (desired_matrix, current_matrix, vpos);
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