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Add patch-sending instructions to git-workflow

From a suggestion by Mitchel Humpherys in:
* admin/notes/git-workflow (Sending patches): New section.
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......@@ -46,6 +46,24 @@ top of that. Then say
git push
Sending patches
If you lack push access or would like feedback before pushing a patch,
you can send a patch file as a bug report. After committing your
change locally, do:
git format-patch -1
This creates a file 0001-DESCRIPTION.patch containing the patch, where
DESCRIPTION comes from the first line of your patch's commit message.
You can attach the patch file to email that you send to You can also configure git to email patches
directly (see <>) and do:
git send-email 0001-DESCRIPTION.patch
Backporting to emacs-24
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