Commit f9632fc8 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(XTread_socket) <ClientMessage, Xatom_Scrollbar>:

Switch off busy-cursor by setting inhibit_busy_cursor to 2.
parent 613a8346
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...@@ -8846,6 +8846,8 @@ XTread_socket (sd, bufp, numchars, expected) ...@@ -8846,6 +8846,8 @@ XTread_socket (sd, bufp, numchars, expected)
else if (event.xclient.message_type else if (event.xclient.message_type
== dpyinfo->Xatom_Scrollbar) == dpyinfo->Xatom_Scrollbar)
{ {
if (display_busy_cursor_p)
inhibit_busy_cursor = 2;
x_scroll_bar_to_input_event (&event, bufp); x_scroll_bar_to_input_event (&event, bufp);
++bufp, ++count, --numchars; ++bufp, ++count, --numchars;
goto out; goto out;
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