Commit f9659e64 authored by Philipp Stephani's avatar Philipp Stephani

Module API: Don’t require null-terminated strings in make_string.

* emacs-module.c (module_make_string): Use make_unibyte_string, which
doesn’t require its argument to be null-terminated.  Since it always
returns a heap-allocated string, we don’t have to copy it any more
while decoding.
(module_decode): New helper function.
parent ca3ad974
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......@@ -212,6 +212,7 @@ static void module_reset_handlerlist (struct handler **);
static bool value_storage_contains_p (const struct emacs_value_storage *,
emacs_value, ptrdiff_t *);
static Lisp_Object module_encode (Lisp_Object);
static Lisp_Object module_decode (Lisp_Object);
static Lisp_Object module_decode_copy (Lisp_Object);
static bool module_assertions = false;
......@@ -629,10 +630,8 @@ module_make_string (emacs_env *env, const char *str, ptrdiff_t length)
if (! (0 <= length && length <= STRING_BYTES_BOUND))
overflow_error ();
/* FIXME: AUTO_STRING_WITH_LEN requires STR to be NUL-terminated,
but we shouldn't require that. */
AUTO_STRING_WITH_LEN (lstr, str, length);
return lisp_to_value (env, module_decode_copy (lstr));
Lisp_Object lstr = make_unibyte_string (str, length);
return lisp_to_value (env, module_decode (lstr));
static emacs_value
......@@ -946,6 +945,12 @@ module_encode (Lisp_Object string)
return code_convert_string (string, Qutf_8_unix, Qt, true, true, true);
static Lisp_Object
module_decode (Lisp_Object string)
return code_convert_string (string, Qutf_8_unix, Qt, false, true, true);
static Lisp_Object
module_decode_copy (Lisp_Object string)
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