Commit f96b8fd2 authored by Federico Tedin's avatar Federico Tedin Committed by Stefan Kangas

Filter packages by name in list-packages. (Bug#36981)

* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-menu-filter-by-name): New
function to filter packages by name.
(package-menu-clear-filter): New function to clear applied filters.
(package-menu-filter-by-keyword): Rename function from
(package-menu--generate): Don't change 'q' binding anymore.
(package-menu-mode-map): Bind '/ n' to package-menu-filter-by-name, '/
k' to package-menu-filter-by-keyword and '/ /' to
(package-menu-mode-menu): Update menu entries for the three functions.
* test/lisp/emacs-lisp/package-tests.el (package-test-list-filter-by-name)
(package-test-list-clear-filter): New tests.
* doc/emacs/package.texi: Document usage of
package-menu-filter-by-name, package-menu-clear-filter and update
reference to package-menu-filter-by-keyword.
* etc/NEWS: Announce changes.
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......@@ -136,11 +136,20 @@ Refresh the package list (@code{package-menu-refresh}). This fetches
the list of available packages from the package archive again, and
recomputes the package list.
@item f
Filter the package list (@code{package-menu-filter}). This prompts
for a keyword (e.g., @samp{games}), then shows only the packages
that relate to that keyword. To restore the full package list,
type @kbd{q}.
@item / k
Filter the package list by keyword
(@code{package-menu-filter-by-keyword}). This prompts for a keyword
(e.g., @samp{games}), then shows only the packages that relate to that
@item / n
Filter the package list by name (@code{package-menu-filter-by-name}).
This prompts for a string, then shows only the packages whose names
match a regexp with that value.
@item / /
Clear filter currently applied to the package list
@item H
Permanently hide packages that match a regexp
......@@ -1006,6 +1006,16 @@ early init file.
*** New function 'package-activate-all'.
*** New functions for filtering packages list.
A new function has been added which allows users to filter the
packages list by name: 'package-menu-filter-by-name'. By default, it
is bound to '/ n'. Additionally, the function
'package-menu-fiter-by-keyword' has been renamed from
'package-menu-filter'. Its keybinding has also been changed to '/ k'
(from 'f'). To clear any of the two filters, the user can now call
the 'package-menu-clear-filter' function, bound to '/ /' by default.
*** Imenu support has been added to 'package-menu-mode'.
......@@ -2685,7 +2685,9 @@ either a full name or nil, and EMAIL is a valid email address."
(define-key map "i" 'package-menu-mark-install)
(define-key map "U" 'package-menu-mark-upgrades)
(define-key map "r" 'package-menu-refresh)
(define-key map "f" 'package-menu-filter)
(define-key map (kbd "/ k") 'package-menu-filter-by-keyword)
(define-key map (kbd "/ n") 'package-menu-filter-by-name)
(define-key map (kbd "/ /") 'package-menu-clear-filter)
(define-key map "~" 'package-menu-mark-obsolete-for-deletion)
(define-key map "x" 'package-menu-execute)
(define-key map "h" 'package-menu-quick-help)
......@@ -2717,7 +2719,11 @@ either a full name or nil, and EMAIL is a valid email address."
["Unmark" package-menu-mark-unmark :help "Clear any marks on a package and move to the next line"]
["Filter Package List" package-menu-filter :help "Filter package selection (q to go back)"]
("Filter Packages"
["Filter by Keyword" package-menu-filter-by-keyword :help "Filter packages by keyword"]
["Filter by Name" package-menu-filter-by-name :help "Filter packages by name"]
["Clear Filter" package-menu-clear-filter :help "Clear package list filter"])
["Hide by Regexp" package-menu-hide-package :help "Permanently hide all packages matching a regexp"]
["Display Older Versions" package-menu-toggle-hiding
:style toggle :selected (not package-menu--hide-packages)
......@@ -3028,9 +3034,6 @@ shown."
(let ((filters (mapconcat #'identity keywords ",")))
(concat "Package[" filters "]"))
(if keywords
(define-key package-menu-mode-map "q" 'package-show-package-list)
(define-key package-menu-mode-map "q" 'quit-window))
(tabulated-list-print remember-pos))
......@@ -3660,10 +3663,8 @@ shown."
(select-window win)
(switch-to-buffer buf))))
;; package-menu--generate rebinds "q" on the fly, so we have to
;; hard-code the binding in the doc-string here.
(defun package-menu-filter (keyword)
"Filter the *Packages* buffer.
(defun package-menu-filter-by-keyword (keyword)
"Filter the \"*Packages*\" buffer by KEYWORD.
Show only those items that relate to the specified KEYWORD.
KEYWORD can be a string or a list of strings. If it is a list, a
......@@ -3673,9 +3674,7 @@ Interactively, it is a list of strings separated by commas.
KEYWORD can also be used to filter by status or archive name by
using keywords like \"arc:gnu\" and \"status:available\".
Statuses available include \"incompat\", \"available\",
\"built-in\" and \"installed\".
To restore the full package list, type `q'."
\"built-in\" and \"installed\"."
(list (completing-read-multiple
"Keywords (comma separated): " (package-all-keywords))))
......@@ -3683,6 +3682,30 @@ To restore the full package list, type `q'."
(list keyword)
(defun package-menu-filter-by-name (name)
"Filter the \"*Packages*\" buffer by NAME.
Show only those items whose name matches the regular expression
NAME. If NAME is nil or the empty string, show all packages."
(interactive (list (read-from-minibuffer "Filter by name (regexp): ")))
(if (or (not name) (string-empty-p name))
(package-show-package-list t nil)
;; Update `tabulated-list-entries' so that it contains all
;; packages before searching.
(package-menu--refresh t nil)
(let (matched)
(dolist (entry tabulated-list-entries)
(let* ((pkg-name (package-desc-name (car entry))))
(when (string-match name (symbol-name pkg-name))
(push pkg-name matched))))
(if matched
(package-show-package-list matched nil)
(user-error "No packages found")))))
(defun package-menu-clear-filter ()
"Clear any filter currently applied to the \"*Packages*\" buffer."
(package-menu--generate t t))
(defun package-list-packages-no-fetch ()
"Display a list of packages.
Does not fetch the updated list of packages before displaying.
......@@ -365,6 +365,28 @@ Must called from within a `tar-mode' buffer."
(should-not (re-search-forward "^\\s-+simple-single\\s-+1.3\\s-+\\(available\\|new\\)" nil t))
(kill-buffer buf))))
(ert-deftest package-test-list-filter-by-name ()
"Ensure package list is filtered correctly by package name."
(with-package-test ()
(let ((buf (package-list-packages)))
(package-menu-filter-by-name "tetris")
(goto-char (point-min))
(should (re-search-forward "^\\s-+tetris" nil t))
(should (= (count-lines (point-min) (point-max)) 1))
(kill-buffer buf))))
(ert-deftest package-test-list-clear-filter ()
"Ensure package list filter is cleared correctly."
(with-package-test ()
(let ((buf (package-list-packages)))
(let ((num-packages (count-lines (point-min) (point-max))))
(should (> num-packages 1))
(package-menu-filter-by-name "tetris")
(should (= (count-lines (point-min) (point-max)) 1))
(should (= (count-lines (point-min) (point-max)) num-packages)))
(kill-buffer buf))))
(ert-deftest package-test-update-archives ()
"Test updating package archives."
(with-package-test ()
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