Commit f96d0a6b authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics

Fix doc-string of frame_resize_pixelwise.

* frame.c (frame_resize_pixelwise): Fix doc-string.
parent 7d7ccb88
2014-01-11 Martin Rudalics <>
* frame.c (frame_resize_pixelwise): Fix doc-string.
2014-01-10 Martin Rudalics <>
Fix handling of internal borders (Bug#16348).
......@@ -4709,7 +4709,6 @@ or call the function `tool-bar-mode'. */);
DEFVAR_KBOARD ("default-minibuffer-frame", Vdefault_minibuffer_frame,
doc: /* Minibufferless frames use this frame's minibuffer.
Emacs cannot create minibufferless frames unless this is set to an
appropriate surrogate.
......@@ -4730,9 +4729,15 @@ automatically. See also `mouse-autoselect-window'. */);
focus_follows_mouse = 0;
DEFVAR_BOOL ("frame-resize-pixelwise", frame_resize_pixelwise,
doc: /* Non-nil means frames are resized pixelwise.
If this is nil, resizing a frame will round sizes to the frame's
current values of `frame-char-height' and `frame-char-width'. */);
doc: /* Non-nil means resize frames pixelwise.
If this option is nil, resizing a frame rounds its sizes to the frame's
current values of `frame-char-height' and `frame-char-width'. If this
is non-nil, no rounding occurs, hence frame sizes can increase/decrease
by one pixel.
With some window managers you have to set this to non-nil in order to
fully maximize frames. The default of this option is nil. To resize
your initial frame pixelwise, set this option in your init file. */);
frame_resize_pixelwise = 0;
staticpro (&Vframe_list);
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