Commit f98e2797 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(make-char): Documented.

	(charset-plist): Return quoted list even if CHARSET is
	supplied by symbol.
parent ea3fb7d2
......@@ -184,13 +184,19 @@ PLIST (property list) may contain any type of information a user
(defmacro charset-plist (charset)
(if (quoted-symbol-p charset)
(aref (charset-info (nth 1 charset)) 14)
`(aref ,(charset-info (nth 1 charset)) 14)
`(aref (charset-info ,charset) 14)))
(defun set-charset-plist (charset plist)
(aset (charset-info charset) 14 plist))
(defmacro make-char (charset &optional c1 c2)
"Return a character of CHARSET and position-codes CODE1 and CODE2.
CODE1 and CODE2 are optional, but if you don't supply
sufficient position-codes, return a generic character which stands for
all characters or group of characters in the character sets.
A generic character can be an argument of `modify-syntax-entry' and
(if (quoted-symbol-p charset)
`(make-char-internal ,(charset-id (nth 1 charset)) ,c1 ,c2)
`(make-char-internal (charset-id ,charset) ,c1 ,c2)))
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