Commit f9b27c85 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero

(bookmark-make-name-function, bookmark-get-bookmark-record):

Pacify byte-compiler.
parent 6b6481ed
2008-03-08 Juanma Barranquero <>
* info.el (bookmark-make-name-function, bookmark-get-bookmark-record):
Pacify byte-compiler.
2008-03-07 Alan Mackenzie <>
* progmodes/cc-engine.el (c-in-knr-argdecl): Limit number of
......@@ -3375,6 +3375,8 @@ With a zero prefix arg, put the name inside a function call to `info'."
(defvar tool-bar-map)
(defvar bookmark-make-record-function)
(defvar bookmark-make-name-function)
(declare-function bookmark-get-bookmark-record "bookmark" (bookmark))
;; Autoload cookie needed by desktop.el
......@@ -3745,7 +3747,7 @@ the variable `Info-file-list-for-emacs'."
(case-fold-search t)
(not-fontified-p ; the node hasn't already been fontified
(not (let ((where (next-single-property-change (point-min)
(not (let ((where (next-single-property-change (point-min)
(and where (not (= where (point-max)))))))
(fontify-visited-p ; visited nodes need to be re-fontified
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