Commit f9ba10b0 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(compute_motion): Check for past vpos/hpos target

before skipping invisible chars.
parent 34c5d0ed
......@@ -1095,6 +1095,26 @@ compute_motion (from, fromvpos, fromhpos, did_motion, to, tovpos, tohpos, width,
int pos_here = pos;
int newpos;
/* Don't skip invisible if we are already at the margin. */
if (vpos > tovpos || vpos == tovpos && hpos >= tohpos)
if (contin_hpos && prev_hpos == 0
&& hpos > tohpos
&& (contin_hpos == width || wide_column_end_hpos > width))
{ /* Line breaks because we can't put the character at the
previous line any more. It is not the multi-column
character continued in middle. Go back to previous
buffer position, screen position, and set tab offset
to previous value. It's the beginning of the
line. */
pos = prev_pos;
pos_byte = prev_pos_byte;
hpos = prev_hpos;
tab_offset = prev_tab_offset;
/* If the caller says that the screen position came from an earlier
call to compute_motion, then we've already accounted for the
overlay strings at point. This is only true the first time
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