Commit fa0ae4cf authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(try_window_id): Increment matrix positions if the buffer's byte count

has increased, but not the character count.
parent e338790f
...@@ -14898,7 +14898,7 @@ try_window_id (w) ...@@ -14898,7 +14898,7 @@ try_window_id (w)
sync_frame_with_window_matrix_rows (w); sync_frame_with_window_matrix_rows (w);
/* Adjust buffer positions in reused rows. */ /* Adjust buffer positions in reused rows. */
if (delta) if (delta || delta_bytes)
increment_matrix_positions (current_matrix, increment_matrix_positions (current_matrix,
first_unchanged_at_end_vpos + dvpos, first_unchanged_at_end_vpos + dvpos,
bottom_vpos, delta, delta_bytes); bottom_vpos, delta, delta_bytes);
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