Commit fa115ed7 authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(speedbar-timer-fn): Remove save-window-excursion.

Update localized contents for all buffers except ignored modes.
parent 51158d69
......@@ -2529,8 +2529,7 @@ name will have the function FIND-FUN and not token."
(speedbar-message nil))))
;; Else, we can do a short cut. No text cache.
(let ((cbd (expand-file-name default-directory))
(let ((cbd (expand-file-name default-directory)))
(set-buffer speedbar-buffer)
(let* ((window (get-buffer-window speedbar-buffer 0))
......@@ -2542,8 +2541,7 @@ name will have the function FIND-FUN and not token."
(funcall func cbd 0))
(set-window-point window p)
(set-window-start window start)))
(set-window-start window start)))))))
(defun speedbar-update-directory-contents ()
"Update the contents of the speedbar buffer based on the current directory."
......@@ -2677,7 +2675,6 @@ Also resets scanner functions."
(frame-visible-p (speedbar-current-frame))
(not (eq (frame-visible-p (speedbar-current-frame)) 'icon)))
(let ((af (selected-frame)))
(dframe-select-attached-frame speedbar-frame)
;; make sure we at least choose a window to
;; get a good directory from
......@@ -2704,14 +2701,8 @@ Also resets scanner functions."
"Updating speedbar to special mode: %s...done"
(speedbar-message nil))))
;; Update all the contents if directories change!
(if (or (member major-mode speedbar-ignored-modes)
(eq af (speedbar-current-frame))
(not (buffer-file-name)))
(select-frame af)))
(select-frame af))
;; Now run stealthy updates of time-consuming items
(run-hooks 'speedbar-timer-hook))
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