Commit fa43b1e8 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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[!HAVE_FMOD] (fmod): Make consistent with ANSI definition.

Don't use drem; it's not the same function.
parent 24b704fa
......@@ -2142,11 +2142,9 @@ double
fmod (f1, f2)
double f1, f2;
#ifdef HAVE_DREM /* Some systems use this non-standard name. */
return (drem (f1, f2));
#else /* Other systems don't seem to have it at all. */
if (f2 < 0.0)
f2 = -f2;
return (f1 - f2 * floor (f1/f2));
#endif /* ! HAVE_FMOD */
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