Commit fa525b7d authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Use archive-mode for .cbr files

* lisp/files.el (auto-mode-alist): Add cbr.  (Bug#24994)
parent 36dbdede
......@@ -2508,8 +2508,8 @@ since only a single case-insensitive search through the alist is made."
;; The list of archive file extensions should be in sync with
;; `auto-coding-alist' with `no-conversion' coding system.
ARC\\|ZIP\\|LZH\\|LHA\\|ZOO\\|[JEW]AR\\|XPI\\|RAR\\|7Z\\)\\'" . archive-mode)
ARC\\|ZIP\\|LZH\\|LHA\\|ZOO\\|[JEW]AR\\|XPI\\|RAR\\|CBR\\|7Z\\)\\'" . archive-mode)
("\\.oxt\\'" . archive-mode) ;(Open|Libre)Office extensions.
("\\.\\(deb\\|[oi]pk\\)\\'" . archive-mode) ; Debian/Opkg packages.
;; Mailer puts message to be edited in
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