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* etc/NEWS: Add sections for CEDET and EIEIO.

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2013-12-13 David Engster <>
* NEWS: Add sections for CEDET and EIEIO.
2013-12-12 Eli Zaretskii <>
* NEWS: Mention support on MS-Windows of file names outside of the
......@@ -628,6 +628,33 @@ display a `Homepage' header, if it's present.
** New term.el option `term-suppress-hard-newline'.
*** EDE
**** The cpp-root project now supports executing a compile command.
It can be set through the new :compile-command slot or the
buffer-local variable `compile-command'.
**** Better selection of include directories for the 'linux' project.
Include directories now support out-of-tree build directories and
target architecture auto-detection.
*** Semantic
**** Improved detection of used namespaces in current scope in C++.
**** Parsing of default values for variables and function arguments in C/C++.
They are also displayed by the summarize feature in the modeline.
**** Improved parsing of function pointers in C/C++.
This also includes parsing of function pointers as function arguments.
**** Parsing of C/C++ preprocessor macros which open new scope.
For example, this enables parsing of macros which open new namespaces.
**** Support for 'this' pointer in inline member functions in C++.
** Obsolete packages:
*** Iswitchb is made obsolete by icomplete-mode.
......@@ -909,6 +936,28 @@ and setting the current frame of a multi-frame image.
*** You can change the speed of animated images.
*** Namespace cleanup by obsolete-aliasing functions to use `eieio-' prefix.
**** object-name -> eieio-object-name
**** object-class -> eieio-object-class
**** object-class-fast -> eieio--object-class
**** object-name-string -> eieio-object-name-string
**** object-num-slots -> eieio--object-num-slots
**** object-set-name-string -> eieio-object-set-name-string
**** class-parent -> eieio-class-parent
**** class-parents -> eieio-class-parents
**** class-children -> eieio-class-children
**** class-num-slots -> eieio--class-num-slots
**** class-precedence-list -> eieio-class-precedence-list
**** All generated class-* and object-* field accessors are now
prefixed with `eieio-' as well.
*** Obsoleted functions:
**** class-of
**** class-direct-subclasses
**** class-direct-superclasses
** Changes in encoding and decoding of text
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