Commit fa92a650 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/comint.el (comint-insert-input): Fix last change.

parent 2c91f553
......@@ -847,9 +847,10 @@ by the global keymap (usually `mouse-yank-at-click')."
;; If pos is at the very end of a field, the mouse-click was
;; probably outside (to the right) of the field.
(and (< pos (field-end pos))
(setq field (field-at-pos pos))
(setq input (field-string-no-properties pos))))
(if (or (null comint-accum-marker) field)
(< (field-end pos) (point-max))
(progn (setq field (field-at-pos pos))
(setq input (field-string-no-properties pos)))))
(if (or (null input) (null comint-accum-marker) field)
;; Fall back to the global definition if (i) the selected
;; buffer is not a comint buffer (which can happen if a
;; non-comint window was selected and we clicked in a comint
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