Commit faa5fa58 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(edebug-uninstall-read-eval-functions): Use load-read-function,
avoiding elisp-eval.
parent 3f6f7508
1999-10-16 Dave Love <>
* emacs-lisp/edebug.el (edebug-install-read-eval-functions)
(edebug-uninstall-read-eval-functions): Use load-read-function,
avoiding elisp-eval.
1999-10-16 Sam Steingold <>
* emacs-lisp/cl-indent.el (common-lisp-indent-function): Use `eq'
......@@ -504,9 +504,6 @@ Return the result of the last expression in BODY."
;; read is redefined to maybe instrument forms.
;; eval-defun is redefined to check edebug-all-forms and edebug-all-defs.
;; Use the Lisp version of eval-region.
(require 'eval-reg "eval-reg")
;; Save the original read function
(or (fboundp 'edebug-original-read)
(defalias 'edebug-original-read (symbol-function 'read)))
......@@ -615,15 +612,13 @@ or if an error occurs, leave point after it with mark at the original point."
(defun edebug-install-read-eval-functions ()
;; Don't install if already installed.
(if (eq (symbol-function 'read) 'edebug-read) nil
(defalias 'read 'edebug-read)
(unless load-read-function
(setq load-read-function 'edebug-read)
(defalias 'eval-defun 'edebug-eval-defun)))
(defun edebug-uninstall-read-eval-functions ()
(defalias 'read (symbol-function 'edebug-original-read))
(setq load-read-function nil)
(defalias 'eval-defun (symbol-function 'edebug-original-eval-defun)))
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