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(Split Window): Document integer values of

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......@@ -107,12 +107,20 @@ scroll bar, the mode line of the split window is side by side with
your click.
@vindex truncate-partial-width-windows
When a window is less than the full width, text lines too long to
fit are frequent. Continuing all those lines might be confusing, so
if the variable @code{truncate-partial-width-windows} is
non-@code{nil}, that forces truncation in all windows less than the
full width of the screen, independent of the buffer being displayed
and its value for @code{truncate-lines}. @xref{Line Truncation}.
When a window occupies less than the full width of the frame, it may
become too narrow for most of the text lines in its buffer. If most
of its lines are continued, the buffer may become difficult to read.
Therefore, Emacs automatically truncates lines if the window width
becomes narrower than 50 columns. This truncation occurs regardless
of the value of the variable @code{truncate-lines} (@pxref{Line
Truncation}); it is instead controlled by the variable
@code{truncate-partial-width-windows}. If the value of
@code{truncate-partial-width-windows} is a positive integer (the
default is 50), that specifies the minimum width for a partial-width
window before automatic line truncation occurs; if the value is
@code{nil}, automatic line truncation is disabled; and for any other
non-@code{nil} value, Emacs truncates lines in every partial-width
window regardless of its width.
Horizontal scrolling is often used in side-by-side windows.
@xref{Horizontal Scrolling}.
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