Commit fb056bef authored by Karl Berry's avatar Karl Berry
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widen multitable column to avoid underfull box

parent 3d80e1a2
2005-06-20 Karl Berry <>
* syntax.texi (Syntax Flags): Make last column very slightly wider
to avoid "generic comment" breaking on two lines and causing an
underfull box.
2005-06-19 Luc Teirlinck <>
* lists.texi (Rings): Various minor clarifications and corrections.
......@@ -883,7 +883,7 @@ a character to match was specified.
This table gives the value of @var{syntax-code} which corresponds
to each syntactic type.
@multitable @columnfractions .05 .3 .3 .3
@multitable @columnfractions .05 .3 .3 .31
@i{Integer} @i{Class}
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