Commit fb28fd5b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(mouse-buffer-menu): Don't clear selection when we kill it.

parent bfda6e4f
......@@ -1005,8 +1005,8 @@ again. If you do this twice in the same position, it kills the selection."
(overlay-put mouse-secondary-overlay 'face 'secondary-selection))))
(setq mouse-save-then-kill-posn
(list (car kill-ring) (point) click-posn))))
(x-set-selection 'SECONDARY
(if (overlay-buffer mouse-secondary-overlay)
(if (overlay-buffer mouse-secondary-overlay)
(x-set-selection 'SECONDARY
(overlay-start mouse-secondary-overlay)
(overlay-end mouse-secondary-overlay)))))))
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