Commit fb351039 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* xfns.c [! HAVE_X11R5] (Fx_rebind_key): Recognize that

	XK_Mode_switch and XK_Num_Lock are modifier keysyms too.
parent 81fa9e2f
......@@ -3353,8 +3353,15 @@ also be depressed for NEWSTRING to appear.")
mod = Fcar (rest);
CHECK_STRING (mod, 3);
modifier_list[i] = XStringToKeysym ((char *) XSTRING (mod)->data);
#ifndef HAVE_X11R5
if (modifier_list[i] == NoSymbol
|| !(IsModifierKey (modifier_list[i])
|| ((unsigned)(modifier_list[i]) == XK_Mode_switch)
|| ((unsigned)(modifier_list[i]) == XK_Num_Lock)))
if (modifier_list[i] == NoSymbol
|| !IsModifierKey (modifier_list[i]))
error ("Element is not a modifier keysym");
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