Commit fb3b8017 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(w32font_draw): Fill background manually.

parent b9217c57
......@@ -531,25 +531,23 @@ w32font_draw (s, from, to, x, y, with_background)
DeleteObject (new_clip);
/* Using OPAQUE background mode can clear more background than expected
when Cleartype is used. Draw the background manually to avoid this. */
SetBkMode (s->hdc, TRANSPARENT);
if (with_background)
SetBkColor (s->hdc, s->gc->background);
SetBkMode (s->hdc, OPAQUE);
#if 0
HBRUSH brush;
RECT rect;
struct font *font = (struct font *) s->face->font_info;
brush = CreateSolidBrush (s->gc->background);
rect.left = x; = y - ((struct font *) (s->font_info->font))->ascent; = y - font->ascent;
rect.right = x + s->width;
rect.bottom = y + ((struct font *) (s->font_info->font))->descent;
rect.bottom = y + font->descent;
FillRect (s->hdc, &rect, brush);
DeleteObject (brush);
SetBkMode (s->hdc, TRANSPARENT);
ExtTextOutW (s->hdc, x, y, options, NULL, s->char2b + from, to - from, NULL);
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