Commit fb4a568d authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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to Emacs' syntax.  Also fix the comment about set/not-set meanings
since Emacs syntax is not the value 0 any more.
* search.c (compile_pattern_1): Remove RE_CHAR_CLASSES from the syntax
since it's now part of RE_SYNTAX_EMACS.
parent e5dd1155
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......@@ -32,8 +32,9 @@
/* The following bits are used to determine the regexp syntax we
recognize. The set/not-set meanings are chosen so that Emacs syntax
remains the value 0. The bits are given in alphabetical order, and
recognize. The set/not-set meanings where historically chosen so
that Emacs syntax had the value 0.
The bits are given in alphabetical order, and
the definitions shifted by one from the previous bit; thus, when we
add or remove a bit, only one other definition need change. */
typedef unsigned reg_syntax_t;
......@@ -153,9 +154,9 @@ extern Lisp_Object re_match_object;
/* Define combinations of the above bits for the standard possibilities.
(The [[[ comments delimit what gets put into the Texinfo file, so
don't delete them!) */
don't delete them!) */
/* [[[begin syntaxes]]] */
#define RE_SYNTAX_AWK \
......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ compile_pattern_1 (cp, pattern, translate, regp, posix, multibyte)
cp->posix = posix;
cp->buf.multibyte = multibyte;
old = re_set_syntax (RE_SYNTAX_EMACS | RE_CHAR_CLASSES
old = re_set_syntax (RE_SYNTAX_EMACS
| (posix ? 0 : RE_NO_POSIX_BACKTRACKING));
val = (char *) re_compile_pattern ((char *)raw_pattern,
raw_pattern_size, &cp->buf);
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