Commit fb70b793 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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(define-erc-response-handler): Fix typos in docstring.

parent ec77ae0a
......@@ -1000,13 +1000,13 @@ NAME is the response name as sent by the server (see the IRC RFC for
This creates:
- a hook variable `erc-server-NAME-functions' initialised to `erc-server-NAME'.
- a hook variable `erc-server-NAME-functions' initialized to `erc-server-NAME'.
- a function `erc-server-NAME' with body FN-BODY.
If ALIASES is non-nil, each alias in ALIASES is `defalias'ed to
Alias hook variables are created as `erc-server-ALIAS-functions' and
initialised to the same default value as `erc-server-NAME-functions'.
initialized to the same default value as `erc-server-NAME-functions'.
FN-BODY is the body of `erc-server-NAME' it may refer to the two
function arguments PROC and PARSED.
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